Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken a first pass at some of the questions you may have including a bit of background about Fun Ferret and its origins, along with ways to add your event, venue or club. If we are missing something please dont hesitate to contact us using the Contact Us page.

How much is it to advertise my Event, Club or Place?

Its nothing, zip, nill, zilch. What Hugo and I are going to do, in the immediate future, is merely ask if you want to advertise your event, club or place and think you have got some business form it, then you are free to make a donation to a charity of our choosing (it will be child related).

How can I add or edit my event, club or place?

To add or edit your event, club or place, simply register for free and then submit your listing or view your dashboard to edit existing listings.

Who created Fun Ferret and why?

This website is a project by me and my 10 year old son that we created out of a need to, find local events and clubs, learn, share, meet others and most of all to have fun.

Want the full story?

If you are interested I will tell you the little story that gave birth to Fun Ferret...

Hugo and I moved back to Cheshire a few years ago and we were keen to find local clubs and events to fill up our spare time. We did a lot of searching online, yet time and time again we were coming up with the usual list of regional large attractions and theme parks with advertising budgets and marketing experts, or sites that just listed them.
Where could we find those great local events organised by small groups such as schools, scout groups, small theatre productions?
Where could we go to find local clubs and times and dates where we could join in?

As a single dad working full time in my web agency I struggled to meet those mums and dads to gain those useful tips on where to go and which clubs and events their children enjoyed. Also at the same Hugo was really interested in what I did for a living, as he spends time after school in the office doing homework and chatting to the much younger and cooler kids in the office!

Lightbulb moment!!

Why not create a site the way, Hugo at aged 10 was in charge of choosing names, briefing the logo design, managing meetings etc It was great fun and once he got over the awkwardness of being in charge of several young cool designers and his dad, he did very well.

What better than create a site that serviced our needs -

Ferret out those great things to do around us
Allow Hugo and others to write reviews on their experiences, honing writing skills.
Share with others great finds
Experience of publishing to the big world wide web...nothing better than saying to grandma or friends "look what I wrote"
Do something together as a family...visit somewhere together, discuss it together and then write about our experience together.
This is a work in progress, a project and journey for me and Hugo and everyone is welcome to come on it with us.

Hope you find something fun here
James and Hugo